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The vast majority of real estate agencies have as their main activity the transaction and, on an ancillary basis for some, rental management, while these two trades have nothing to do with it.

What makes BERBUDEAU IMMOBILIER strong is that rental management represents 80% of our activity with more than 650 lots managed in compliance with laws and regulations.

This profession requires excellent legal bases in order to better understand the laws and decrees governing relations between owners and tenants, laws which you will agree with, are too often to the advantage of the latter.
Chez BERBUDEAU IMMOBILIER, training employees and managers is a priority, so that we can always serve you better.

Our company was created in 1998 and is a member of FNAIM, the leading trade union organization in France in the field of real estate and nationally recognized. We are a team of 4 people, on a human scale, responsive and attentive to our tenant and lessor clients.

Our main agency is located at 30 boulevard Naquet, opposite the Leclerc shopping center in Carpentras, with access facilities (disabled access) and parking spaces. Our secondary agency located in Sault in the Ventoux is located 2 rue de la République.

We therefore manage the properties of our customers between Carpentras and Sault as well as the surrounding villages such as Pernes les Fontaines, Saint Didier, Aubignan, Loriol du Comtat, Monteux, Sarrians, Violès, Beaumes de Venise, Mazan, Villes sur Auzon, Malemort du Comtat, Flassan, Méthamis, Caromb, Bédoin, Aurel, Saint Trinit, St Christol, Sederon and many more, do not hesitate to inquire. Our management concerns apartments, villas, village houses, garages, commercial and business premises.

As part of the management, we can offer you unpaid rent insurance at an extremely competitive rate and with no deductible or limited duration, unlike most insurance provided by real estate professionals. Once again, unpaid rent insurers have recognized our professionalism and have therefore been able to offer us rates that are often lower than those of the competition for guarantees that are often higher.

To date, to our knowledge, we are the only professionals in the sector to provide free for our management customers a secure extranet access which allows them to instantly know if their tenant has paid, to have access to the lease and other documents from their tenant, duplicate management statements and much more! At BERBUDEAU IMMOBILIER, it's absolute transparency !!

But do you know what rental management is?

It is the fact of managing your property but by a professional and in the rules of the art.

Thus, we take care of determining with you the fair market price according to the sector, its environment and the state of the property. We then put your property online on the main rental sites and organize visits.

If a candidate tenant is interested, we ask for all of their supporting documents according to their professional situation, then check their creditworthiness and check the supporting documents. In fact, more and more false files are circulating and we sometimes refuse a file on the grounds that it is false (and sometimes very well done!). Only a TRUE management professional can bring you this security.

We then establish a rental lease in accordance with the laws and a PRECISE inventory on tablet with photos. We also provide, as required by law, all of the compulsory expertise (DPE, asbestos, lead, measurement, condition of the electrical installation, etc.). How many of you wanted to rent on your own with a lease who does not respect the regulations, without expertise, and a succinct inventory? Anyone can do that but in case of litigation, too many owners come to see us afterwards so that we try to get them out of this bad step but it is often too late!

We then collect on your behalf the rents that we pay back to you, reduced by our management fees (deductible from property income).

We review the rent every year, ask for new tenant insurance when due, check whether the sweeping and boiler maintenance have been carried out.

Within the limits of our mandate, we take care of urgent work.

In the event of non-payment, we take all action against the tenant and declare this non-payment to the insurance (if subscribed) so that it can cover the rent.

And many other things too!

Alas, you certainly know that taking care of your rental property is not easy, so choose peace and quiet and peaceful nights and call BERBUDEAU IMMOBILIER!